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The Lucky Team


Andrew Landis

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced entrepreneur. Two successful start-ups behind him, including founding one of the first online photo sharing sites that captured 45% market share within first two years of launch. Company acquired in 2001.

As Senior Technology Analyst at SONY, Andrew’s mission was to identify how consumer behavior was changing, marry it with new technologies and launch new businesses that leveraged the assets of multiple operating divisions and research labs. Andrew was a leader and driving force in the development of Sony Online, Sony Retail Entertainment, mobile user interface, and location-based services initiatives.

Graduated Duke. Lives in Manhattan with his wife and three kids.

Brian T.png

Brian Tepfenhart

User Experience and Design

Brian is responsible making LuckyDiem fun and engaging to use; and finding that delicate balance between what our users want and what our clients need. Brian has worked in the fields of UX and UI design for the last decade with communications companies, tech corporations, and start-ups. He's passionate about solving problems, and loves to share that passion with others.


Vitali Karpeichyk

Chief Technology Officer

Vitali is responsible for all technical aspects of LuckyDiem. Before joining LuckyDiem, Vitali was the CTO and led iOS development for Nito, an imaging filtering company similar to Snapchat. Nito was acquired by AOL last year where Vitali became Principal Software Engineer. Previously, Vitali was Senior iOS developer for VC-backed SOLS which was also acquired. Vitali was the Senior iOS developer for Wickr, the messaging app that has raised $73 million in capital. 

Vitali has held many other iOS and technology positions over the past 12 years and brings with him a passion to make the user experience as engaging and lightening fast as possible.

Vitali is married and lives in Brooklyn.


Samuel Benka

Sales, Marketing, Social Media

Sam is a Manager in the Sales and Marketing Department at LuckyDiem. His responsibilities include generating sales leads and acquiring new customers, as well as contributing to the overall strategy of the company. Sam is a graduate of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and has prior experience of working in sales, consulting and conducting research for a think tank in Washington DC. 

Eduardo .png

Eduardo Falleta

Project Manager

Eduardo is a project manager in LuckyDiem and is responsible for leading and executing the company's UX and production. Eduardo is an engineer with a Master of Engineering Management degree from Duke who has a great thirst for understanding the consumer/customer behavior process and how their decision making could be improved after working in a multinational CGP company in Venezuela. Eduardo is mixing his competitiveness and team player skills to deliver LuckyDiem’s customers the best experience.


The Interns


Ben Gottlieb, Tyler Patrick, Ali Frank and Loukia Chomata


Rick Baker

Leader in the direct marketing industry. Lead several successful brand introductions at P&G. Ran VALASSIS direct marketing division. Owner, VALPAK Boston.

Ari Buchalter

Digital media, algorithms and analytics expert. President of MEDIAMATH.  Active angel investor.

Yu-kai Chou

Gamification pioneer and international keynote speaker and lecturer among places such as Stanford University. He is rated #1 among the top 40 gamification gurus in the world.

Former President/CEO of SONY’s venture capital company, GM of Columbia Records and head of Sony Music’s New Technology Group in charge of websites, e-commerce, and digital initiatives.

Fred Ehrlich

Managing Director and Head of Global Technology Investment Banking, BARCLAYS CAPITAL. Held same position at Lehman Brothers.

Laurence Goldberg

Partner and Senior Analyst at HIGHLINE CAPITAL where he covers gaming and hospitality. Strong relationships and knowledge throughout the leisure and hospitality industries.

Steven Hoffman

Loyalty and marketplace expert. Sold his company, CHOOSE DIGITAL, to VIGGLE (VGGL) in 2014.

Stephen Humphreys

Leader within the social gaming industry. Sold his gaming company to PLAYDOM / DISNEY. Industry blogger at

Lloyd Melnick

President, News Division, DATAMINR; Managing Director, THOMSON REUTERS; Chief Digital Officer for WENNER MEDIA overseeing all digital for the company’s brands.

Steven Schwartz

Co-founder and CEO of HUGE (acquired by IPG) where he drives digital strategy for some of the firm’s largest clients, including JetBlue, NBC Universal, Pepsi, Target and TimeWarner.

Aaron Shapiro