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End-to-End Digital Marketing for SMBs​

LuckyDiem is a new local search and discovery platform that mitigates the cost and complexities of digital  marketing for small business owners.

Our app offers users an addictively fun way for them to earn discounts, rewards, and loyalty benefits, and offers businesses an easy and effective solution to manage end-to-end marketing, from search to promotions to loyalty to advocacy. Businesses only pay a commission on completed purchases without any additional hardware, software or training required. ​

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What Makes Us Different

LuckyDiem offers businesses an easy and effective solution to manage end-to-end marketing, from search to promotions to loyalty to advocacy.
If there's a Holy Grail of marketing, it's an answer to this basic question: Did that ad work? Leveraging card-linked offer technology, LuckyDiem is the first platform to enable retailers to run multiple online promotions and only pay a commission on completed purchases—without any additional hardware, software or training.
Foursquare was once the fastest growing startup in the US. Users loved its gamification features—businesses did not. The problem was that check-ins and mayorships had no correlation to sales. LuckyDiem’s ability to track purchases solves this problem and adds other gaming mechanics to create a dopamine loop for users.
LuckyDiem’s app collects relevant first-person data and market research in a way that is fun and unobtrusive. We use this data to serve promotions more intelligently such as dynamically altering “payout” algorithms and selecting incentives most relevant to the user.
Endowment effect falls under behavioral economics and is the study of how consumers predictably make irrational decisions. LuckyDiem’s pilots with national brands have proven that it can successfully integrate the endowment effect into its promotions, helping mitigate the need to use deep discounting to drive sales.
LuckyDiem is integrating AR and leveraging the latest iOS features into its endowment effect process to increase retail engagement.



LuckyDiem is free to join for both merchants and users.

Merchants only pay LuckyDiem a commission on sales.​

Customers can pay using their mobile phone or credit card.

No additional hardware, software or training is required.

How It Works

Case Studies


The lack of friction in LuckyDiem’s solution makes choosing LuckyDiem a

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What People are saying about us

"Duke’s is very excited to be part of LuckyDiem. Online marketing is time consuming and nearly impossible to measure at retail. LuckyDiem members can now find Duke’s and use LuckyDiem to instantly win free drinks or earn discounts on their checks, turning them into loyal customers. Its loyalty program is fun for customers, but more importantly it’s integrated and helps us accurately identify and reward our best customers. It’s easy to implement and gives me absolute ROI on my marketing spend. LuckyDiem is a no-brainer."
Michael Schatzberg, Managing Partner at Branded Restaurant Holdings
"The most exciting marketing platform I’ve seen in years."
Denise Jillson, Executive Director at Harvard Square Business Association
"LuckyDiem saved Christmas this year."
Hannah S., Winner of $250 gift card in Twilight movie promotion

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